Your Trade-in tool sucks.
But it doesn’t have to.

Supercharge your website's conversion rate with Best Price Now.

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Thousands of car shoppers visit your website every month wanting to know the answer to this question:

what will you pay for my trade?

No one wants to fill out your lead forms or your old-school standard trade-in tool.

Car shoppers expect fast, responsive tools that tell them exactly what they want to know.

Which would you rather fill out?

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Old Computer

Consumers Have Spoken
Dealers are selling more cars using
Best Price Now

Dealer, WA

Old Tool

105 More Leads | 11 more sales | 11% Conversion

Dealer, ID

Old Tool

165 More Leads | 18 more sales | 16% Conversion

Dealer, WA

Old Tool

135 More Leads | 15 more sales | 18% Conversion

Best Price Now transforms your anonymous website visitors into names, emails and phone numbers. The leads are sent right to your CRM, and allow you to follow-up with them immediately.

Best Price Now is WAY more intuitive and engaging than the standard book tool. Plus, we are able to set the value to give the customer a higher amount, but are still in good shape relative to the book price.

Kerry Sawyer
President, Toyota of Puyallup


15% lead
close rate


25% form
conversion rate


more leads


We put it to the test

We compare two Toyota stores in the same market over the same time period. One with Best Price Now, one without.

The results may surprise you.

Engage your customers with a modern trade-in evaluator that has the features you need to get more leads from your current website traffic.

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