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A letter from our CEO

Dave Pavlu

When I was a GSM, I never wanted my store to be the same as every other dealer. I was always looking for an edge. To me, there was no point in having the same website, the same trade-in widget, and the same look and feel as every other dealer in town.

Having desked or closed tens of thousands of deals during my days in the car business, I was always amazed by the group-think that went on amongst many of the dealers. So few dealers were willing to strike out their own path and find tools that give them an edge. Even fewer dealers were really in touch with what truly drove consumers.

Consumers really just want to know four basic things.

  • How much for the car you are selling?
  • How much do I have to put down?
  • What’s my trade worth?
  • What’s my monthly payment?

Those four things have been the driving force behind customer wants for as long as the car business has been around.

Our tool focuses on the trade because it’s the only question that has some subjectivity left in it. Another dealer will always be willing to sell at a lower price than you, to give away rate, or go extra long on term and bury their customer even deeper.

The trade is something different. It has to be looked at, appraised and inspected. This creates opportunity. Opportunity to build a relationship with the customer, to increase your inventory, to make gross profit, and to convert anonymous web shoppers into leads, appointments and sales.

The trade-in creates opportunity to win new customers and increase gross profit.

Unfortunately, more and more dealers are subject to giant companies (that are led by people who have never sold a car in their life) who decide how they do business. They’re required to use a specific website vendor, marketing company, and yes, trade-in tool.

We believe that dealers are leaving money on the table. Their trade-in evaluators are passive forms or generic values from blue or black book. Having a trade evaluator that differentiates you from your competitors is the first step to separating yourself from the pack, and increasing the leads from your website. Thankfully, more dealers are wising up to strong arm OEM tactics that put all of the dealers on “level playing field.” We don’t don’t have any interest in level.

Best Price Now is a car guy’s tool, designed by a car guy.

It’s the only trade-in evaluator that lets you control the estimates given to your customers. You can also create a coupon to help incentivize any shopper looking to trade in their vehicle. It’s all designed to get you more incremental leads than any other tool out there.

This is just the beginning.

We are committed to helping return power back to the dealer. We know that by giving dealerships tools they can control, they will be able to get more leads and get more sales by responding to their local market better than they could with any of the generic, one-size-fits-all solutions out there.

If you want to learn more, contact us and schedule a demo to see what makes us and our tool different.


Dave Pavlu

Dave Pavlu

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